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Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Hills - Anyone else obsessed?

Yes, I know that I am 35. I know that I am not supposed to like these type of shows, but I am mildly obssessed with The Hills. I love that you can watch entire episodes online. And I actually really like the fact that Lauren, the lead on the show, does a fair amount of charity work in the public eye. For a 22 year old, that is pretty forward thinking, and I respect the fact that she knows she is a public figure and wants to set a good example. Plus, she has good taste!

So I wanted to check out Mark Cosmetics (from Avon), b/c I know she works with them, and came across this really cute $22 necklace that donates 100% of the net proceeds from Lauren's Have A Heart Necklace to the Girls M.powerment Campaign. I think this would make an adorable stocking stuffer for the Holidays. Now I just wish that Bailout bill would go through so I could feel like I could even spend $22... But that's a whole different story...