The Girl's Guide to Giving Back

Give When You Give. My recommendations for unique and hand crafted gifts for all occassions that donate a portion of their proceeds to reputable non-profits and local artisans.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone. I can't believe how quickly October has gone by. I just back from a biz trip to NYC, and got my old favorite Magazine Marie Claire at the airport. I was VERY happy to see that their monthly feature of a cool product that donates to charity was back!

AND it's in partnership with Netaya, who features many of their products at great prices. This particular necklace is crafted of sterling silver and heavily plated in rich 18K yellow gold. The included box chain measures 18" in length.

Net proceeds, $5 per necklace, will benefit the National Domestic Violence Hotline, the 24-hour, toll-free national number for victims of domestic abuse - which handles an average of 17,000 support calls per month. The necklace is only $29.95!

Get this for a friend for Xmas with intials of her and her hubby or her and her baby! It's super fun...I can't post a pic for some reason, so click on this link to see it....

Monday, October 16, 2006


I sure have been flaky since getting back from India. I apologize in advance to those friends and family that I haven't called yet. I am still jetlagged if you can believe it, falling asleep at 9ish every night. And then this weekend I am off to NYC for a work meeting next week. It never ends!

On a lighter note, my bestie cousin told me about this cool site that features a pair of jeans that Frankie B created Her2Genes. These jeans benefit the testing for the Breast Cancer Gene. If I was a remotely stylish person, I would definitely invest in a pair of these. Frankie B donates $107 of the purchase price to HER2 Genes. They must be pricey, but hey, a good cause, so what the heck..

Wednesday, October 11, 2006 Red

Hope all your week is moving along nicely. I've been slammed getting back up to speed after our India trip, but finally feel like I've got caught up work wise. Now I have to get moving cleaning up all my mom's business. I can't procastinate any more (although I'd like to...).

Anyway, I saw an ad in Vanity Fair last night about Gap's new product line called (Product Red). The whole line is dedicated to raise awareness and money for the Global Fund for Women and Children with AIDS in Africa. It was founded by Bono and Bobby Kennedy, so you can feel confident that this money will really get to the right people. The products come out on October 13th (Friday) and there is really some cool stuff. T-shirts, tanks, a jean jacket, a big red purse, bracelets and more. I'm going to have to support this cause and buy something. Especially after spending time in a thirld world country. These people need our help.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Wow! I'm back. What a crazy trip. India is by far the most unique place I have ever travelled to. I can't even put it in words really.

We got home last night around 11am, and the first thing we did this morning was our favorite Sunday ritual -- reading the New York Times! That's where I saw Saks Fifth Avenue's latest ad. Apparantely, from October 12th to 15th, all Saks stores and will donate 2% of sales, (and Off 5th stores will donate 1% of sales up to $1 million) to benefit local and national women’s cancer charities.

So if you need any of that makeup that you can only get at Department Stores (Crem La Mer? Chanel Vamp Nail Polish?), why not buy it from