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Give When You Give. My recommendations for unique and hand crafted gifts for all occassions that donate a portion of their proceeds to reputable non-profits and local artisans.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Make a Wish Foundation

Happy Sunday. I've been struggling to find cute kids gifts that have a charitable element, until I read in the SB News Press about a particular cancer surviving teen who is the inspiration behind this "rock star" doll at the Make A Wish Foundation.

A full $1 out of the $10 goes to the Foundation. And why not buy 3 or 4 of these dolls for a baby shower gift? There's a police officer, a cowboy and a princess! I also found this great Putumayo Kids CD.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Future Fashionista Charity

Since I'm on a necklace binge, you have to check out this adorable necklace. For all you animal lovers out there (and former Kappa Kappa Gammas- Juli!), $10 from this necklace benefits Two Left Paws Animal Sanctuary of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I know, not a normal place you'd visit, but why not donate when you buy gifts like this? Those folks at the Animal Sanctuary will be thrilled with some West Coast love... Back to work.

Future Fashionista Charity Link

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This Week

Hi everyone. I hope you guys are enjoying my blog. I'm sure having fun writing it!

This week, I've really practiced what I've preached (sorry Danny!). I bought a book on (The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards) and I got to donate nearly $5 to the American Cancer Society. And then I just HAD to buy the tree necklace below, which of course donates $5 to refugees. I didn't realize it when I posted it, but the leather part is actually brown. How cool is that? I'll let you know how cute the necklace is when I receive it.

So please remember for your upcoming wedding gifts, baby gifts, etc. to check out my site for cute ideas!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Help Female Survivors of War

Wow-- what a cute necklace! I just discovered this while showing my brother-in-law the Marie Claire Shop for Charity site. Someone must buy this! 20% of the sale of this necklace goes to Women for Women International, to support women in Iraq, Afghanistan, Rwanda and other places of conflict.

Marie Claire Shop for Charity

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tom's Shoes

Do you have a friend with a summer bday? Please check out TOMS shoes. They are adorable-- sort of espadrille-like, and for every pair you buy, he donates a pair to children living in poverty. What a great concept, eh? AND they are adorable shoes... He makes them for men and women. I'm partial to this pair. He also has a myspace profile too. Check out his site here


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hi all. Unfortunately my mom passed away last night from a rare form of cancer-- mesothelioma, which is asbestos-related. In lieu of any food or flowers, please donate to the Marf Organization to help with possible cures for this deadly disease. There's also those cool bracelets and even a t-shirt if you'd rather purchase a gift.

Donate to

Much love.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Wedding Channel Charity Donation Program

I went to a fabuluous wedding last night at a winery in Malibu. What a great location. We had so much fun hanging out with Suzanne and Max and being a part of Becca and Scott's wedding. Speaking of weddings... If you know of anyone recently engaged, please pass along the Wedding Channel's charity donation program. They make a donation to the charity of the bride/grooms' choice every time someone uses Wedding Channel to purchase a gift on their registeries... What a great idea! Charity Donation Program

Friday, July 14, 2006

Technorati Post

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This is to prove this is my blog!

Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation

Happy Friday! The Susan G. Komen Foundation sure has some cute stuff for gift giving.

Susan G. Komen Gift Shop

My personal favorite is this adorable pink robe, which would make a great bday, holiday or even a new mommy gift. Danny bought me a similar one for the holidays and I LOVE it. Thie one has cute stitching for breast cancer awareness.

And what about this classic cookbook as a Engagement Gift!?

I hope you have a great weekend. Don't forget how good it feels to give back!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Young Survivor Coalition

Me again. A friend of a friend was just diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 35, and I came upon this great resource for young survivors as well as cute merchandise that donates to this special organization.

Young Survivor Coalition

How about this as your next baby gift?

Books, Music and More:

This very cool site was created by friends of ours (Hi Brett and Joelle) . If you are going to buy books, music, dvds, etc., buy it from here, NOT Amazon! When you check out, you get to choose a charity to donate to. Books and Music are GREAT gifts!

Giveline Store

<--------Who wouldn't want to get the DVD of Felicity as a birthday gift?

Monday, July 10, 2006

This site,, generally features a few pieces of jewerly that are reasonably priced and donate to worthy charities. Their current pickens are slim, but this bracelet, with is also featured on Marie Claire's charity site, is cute for the summer:

Marie Claire Shop for Charity

What got me really going on this idea is the section in Marie Claire magazine that always has a cool gift that dontats to charity. You can see the whole site here:

Marie Claire Shop for Charity

I bought the cute locket for Dani-girl for her bday after reading about how this benefits the World Hunger Organization.

Check out all of Marie Claire's latest charitable gifts!


Hello and Welcome to my new blog!

I created this blog as a resource for all my friends who would like to "Give as they Give." Meaning, we all buy each other so many gifts for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, holidays, etc., and it dawned on me that if my friends knew how to find stores and products that gave a portion of their proceeds to charity, that most of us would opt for that. Don't we all want to do our small part? Especially when you don't have to sacrfice fun gift giving in the process!

So for the past few months I have made great efforts to couple the presents I buy with a charitable element. I plan to link to them here, and to also ask for others to post legitimate sites that give to charity...

Happy Shopping and feel free to pass this along!

Take care,