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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Doggy Lovers Unite!

Hi friends! Hope you are all having a nice week. I've been a single dog mom the last few days, hanging out with my basset baby Emma and was inspired to write today's blog all about Doggies! Look how cute she is!

So at the Big Dog Festival a few months ago, we saw the cutest basset, named Otis, who was rescued by Much Love Animal Rescue, in Los Angeles. He got adopted by a local family here, who have had a bit of difficulty adjusting to the rather unique basset traits (needy, food oriented, super loving). We're hoping he gets to stay at his new home, so that the cutie doesn't have to get rehomed... I'd be very tempted to take him in, if that ends up happening. Anyway, thinking about Otis inspired me to go on the Rescue's site and see if they have any cute products that help support their efforts.

Check out this adorable necklace! It was actually designed by Tori Spelling who is very active in this particular rescue. For those of you who have cash to burn, they have it in diamonds for a cool $350 . But for those of us who want a cheaper version, they do have a sterling silver one for $60 with pink or white crystals... So cute, right? For some odd reason, I can't upload the pic, so click on the link to see it.


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