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Monday, November 13, 2006

1000 Visits and Counting!

Well, I finally made it past the 1,000 visit mark. I would like to think that this is actually 1,000 people visiting my site, but I have a sneaky suspicion that it's mostly me, checking the site to see the count. And I think my friend KG does something with social bookmarking for me. But regardless, I'll go ahead and feel proud about it. It at least incentivizes me to keep going. I think I am supposed to comment on "similar" sites to get my traffic up, but the main problem is, there really aren't similar sites! Which is kind of a bummer. I really am going to try and practice what I preach this holiday season and buy some of my gifts through the sites that I've mentioned. And I hope that the few of you that are actually reading this blog do the same thing!

Anyway, while shopping for something to post about, I revisited the site They generally feature a few designers that donate (like my favorite Future Fashionista). I came across this site: Sweet Sky Jewelry. 10% of their proceeds go to one of three charities. Plus, the prices can not be beat ($40ish for most earrings). Great place to go holiday shopping!

How about this pair of earrings with your black New Years dress?


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